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Free Dating Services - Stay Away From Them
Wednesday. 3.14.07 9:53 am

I, like most of the people tend to prefer free services rather than pay for them. Yet, there are certain services I would prefer paying for. Dating services are one of them.

As an experienced user of online dating services, I have developed methods of evaluating online dating websites. These methods contain various parameters - The number of registered users, the quality of the dating service and many others. By now, in all cases, free dating websites were found less effective than other online dating services.

Think of all the money you have spent on awful dates, think of all the efforts you have wasted on trying to find a date, preparing for a date and trying to cheer yourself up after a bad date. Now, if someone could promise you, you could spare much of this wasted money and effort by paying a few bucks to online dating services, wouldn't you take it in two hands? I would. Unfortunately, no body could promise us anything. But, I truly believe that free dating services are a waste of time.

Free dating services also hold some hidden risks:
First, Nothing is free. If the dating service owners claim that it is free, they would do anything to sell you other stuff from fishy e-books to cheap perfumes. Do you really want it?

Second, Free services are usually being used by crooks and pervert people. Think that anyone would be able to see all your details without having to pay for it or fill in any personal details.

So what should you do? You should find the best dating services website for your needs. In most of the popular online dating services you could sign up for a free trial. That would be the best way to get free dating services. Good Luck.

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Dating Advice: 5 Biggest Internet Dating Mistakes
Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Dating after a divorce is tough. Let's face it getting back into dating at any time is a minefield. You don't quite know where to start so here are a few internet dating mistakes and their solutions.

1. Too much too soon

So you have been ploughing through those endless profiles on your internet dating site and have come up with someone who interests you. There has been an exchange of emails. He sounds fun and witty and you begin to look forward to his messages. You find yourself getting up earlier in the morning just to log on whilst you drink your coffee to see if he has sent a response to your latest remarks. During the day you compile witty replies in your head and suggestive lines to throw his way. This has gone on for a couple of weeks and he suddenly asks if he can call you. Your chest expands; you are really excited and arrange a time. Now you are curled up in your favourite chair waiting for the call. Guess what it goes well, the same light banter, his voice is not what you expect but that is OK. You talk for an hour. This becomes a daily ritual which you begin to plan your time around. And then he invites you to dinner.

2. Throwing money at it

It has been a while since someone invited you out to dinner (you may be just starting dating after your divorce). Your immediate thought is what to wear, need my hair done etc. This means that you spend the best part of a week running around with the one thought in your mind "I must get this right". You seem to have disappeared and you feel that you need to invent a new person to go on this date. In order to be that person you have to package yourself in some particular way. There must be some key that you can find, a particular dress, new haircut etc. You believe that you need to make yourself more appealing.

3. Thinking that you know the person

The evening has arrived and you meet at the arranged restaurant (good step, as all the dating advice recommends that you meet in a public place). You are especially nervous and excited but also slightly uncomfortable because the shoes are new and you feel a bit wobbly in them. It is strange you recognise this person but at the same time you don't. The voice you know that but he does not look like the person in the photograph, taller, shorter a bit heavier or gangly something is not as you imagined. Anyway he seems quite at ease but maybe that is just a contrast to how you are feeling. Initially conversation is going well as there are points of contact from your previous conversations but it isn't going anywhere. By the main course you are starting to drink a little too much to fill in the silences. Your feet really hurt now and you are taking surreptitious glances at your watch - only 9 o'clock. No dessert thanks and by the way you have an early start in the office tomorrow so you have to go soon. Can't think of anything but getting out of the shoes. Yes it was good, do call me.

4. Fantasy - it's only in your head

Next day or later in the week, the emails/calls are still coming and you continue to respond. It's a though you have never met and you can get on with the easy going repartee that has become almost a habit. In your mind he is something you want him to be, well not quite but you can have yourself believe that he is whilst you exchange messages and late night calls. You are starting to develop a whole life in your head around this person, you imagine where you can live with him, what you will do, holidays together in fact everything you ever want with someone. This is taking up a lot of head space but that is enjoyable in itself, you feel connected to someone if only in your mind.

5. Not paying attention to the signals

A week or so more and you are becoming slightly irritated by the emails and are not responding quite so readily. But he asks you if you want to come out for another evening and that heart leaps to your throat again. You agree even though there is a vague memory of discomfort from the first meeting. Well you remind yourself that all the dating advice recommends that it is about getting to know someone. I can't expect to feel comfortable about everything immediately. He is suggesting dinner again, you don't really want to but you are not sure what you want to do so you go along with it. You had arranged to see a girl-friend that night but you tell her you can't make it, she seems a bit put-out but you put that thought aside.

The second evening seems very long.

Too much too soon - It is so tempting to put all your focus on one person at a time when you are looking to date on the internet. But it is important to remember that not only are all those people out there looking at numerous people at any one time but you could be too. If you put most of your time and energy into any one contact at a very early stage this means that you cannot scout, screen and sort other possible people.

Dating Advice: Don't make a big investment emotionally in any relationship without solid foundations.

Throwing money at it - Recent research has revealed that online daters are spending up to Ł1,500 a month taking out people who they realise, after the first 15 minutes are not for them. (Independent, June 2005) Remember be authentic, the packaging is only that and is not who you are. Meeting for a cup of coffee or a drink will give you enough time to assess whether this person is someone you want to know better.

Dating Advice: Packaging is not the answer, be clear about who you are, what you want in a relationship and set about finding it in a considered way.

Thinking you know this person - We can easily be seduced by email conversations and late night telephone calls. Apart from the actual chemistry that is missing in these exchanges there is that part that you know very well yourself, where you just reveal what you want at any given time. If you know what your requirements are in a relationship this will help you assess quite quickly if this person is for you. Most of us allow things to just drift along and are not pro-active in having a plan for ourselves when it comes to relationships.

Dating Advice: How is it we plan for everything except relationships? Take some time to plan what you want in a relationship before you get into a habit or rut with someone.

Fantasy - it's only in your head - It is very easy to live in the fantasy of a relationship even from a very early stage. After all that is why you have signed up on the dating site in the first place - you want a relationship. However, being truthful with yourself is easier if you have a relationship plan. Then you can ask yourself, from the information you have so far, does this person tick some of my boxes. If so then you can continue to find out more about them whilst finding out about other people at the same time. Projecting onto any one person, especially at a very early stage, all you hopes and dreams is likely to bring you some amount of pain and heartache when you find this isn't going to work out.

Dating Advice: Spread the emotional load by giving your attention to a number of people, it helps deal with the ups and downs of the dating cycle if you are not exclusive right from the start.

Not paying enough attention to the signals - it is amazing how quickly we can get ourselves into habits and relationships, however new, are one of those areas. We all like attention and contact with people but what about the rest of your life, those friends who have been around for you, your family. Anyone who might be for you will, you hope, want to share life with a person who has a balanced life and that includes all the other activities and people in your life. Straining towards exclusivity at a very early stage and throwing all your time and attention towards the relationship can be a disaster.

Dating Advice: Get out there and have any dating and relationships fit in with your life as a successful single. Know what your requirements, needs and wants are and look for someone who can meet these.

Copyright baLooT Inc 2007.

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Yoga for Computer Users
Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Many computer users around the world face the problem of back pain. Having your back against the wall usually means you're in trouble. But for certain yoga positions, having your back firmly against a wall will aid health.

In Hatha Yoga, the practitioner forms what Swami Gitananda calls body geometry--triangles, straight lines, circles and parallel lines. When you do a posture, always stretch your body to its utmost limit and then hold it there for a slow count of 10, gradually building up the time, until each posture can be maintained for 30 seconds. Holding a posture is essential to yoga because it gives the body a chance to settle into the stretch and loosen up. Then each time you stretch it will be just that little bit farther.

Many of the sideways, or lateral, stretches in Hatha Yoga require that the body face forward, with hips level and back and spine tilting neither forward nor back. Beginners tend to lean forward to increase the stretch. But leaning forward is wrong and will actually detract from benefits and possibly cause harm. To perform these stretches properly, make sure to keep your spine firmly against a wall. The wall acts as a prop. Even those who have practiced yoga may find that they cannot bend as far as they thought they could when they do the postures properly. The extra time spent in forming careful postures will pay off: Your body will gain excellent flexibility and strength.

Some of the useful asanas are:

The Diamond Posture (Vajrasana)

Kneel on a thick carpet or blanket with your knees close together. Sit back on your heels and stretch up from your hips, balancing your head well so that a line drawn through ear, shoulder, elbow and hip would be straight. You should sit up in this posture for greatest benefits.

The Locust (Salabhasana)

Most yoga students are familiar with this posture. Lie flat, face down, chin on floor. Make your hands into fists and push them either under your thighs to help the lift, or place them alongside your body. Exhale and lift legs from your hips, tightening your buttocks and stretching your legs up and back. Hold position for as long as possible, exhale, return to starting posture and repeat.

The Dog Stretch (Adho mukha svanasana)

Lie face down, legs stretched back, buttocks tightened and knees pulled back. Place hands just below shoulders, exhale and lift head, then chest, shoulders and torso, pushing down from your pelvis and straightening your arms. From the back of your head to your tailbone, your body should be curved back. Push shoulders back and down. Push head back more. Stay like this as long as possible with normal breathing. Come down very slowly, and relax.

The Twist (Bhardwajasana)

Kneel on the floor and sit back, bringing both feet to the right of your hips. Straighten your right arm, bring it across your body and turn to the left. Place your hand, palm down under your left knee. Exhale, turn your body more to the left and clasp your right elbow with your left hand, from the back. Turn your head and gaze over your right shoulder. Fold position for a few breaths and then twist and look back over your left shoulder. Shoulders should be at right angles to the body. Come back to starting position and repeat on other side. You should do this posture once every hour if you have lower back pain.

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Easy Way To Get Quality Contents for your Google Adsense Site
Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Google Adsense is a wonderful way to increase your earnings on the Internet. The concept of Google Adsense is based on keywords of your website, which alert Google which ads to place there. One of the best ways to have keywords on your website is with keyword-rich articles.

However, in order to have a good return with Google Adsense, you need to have quality content on your website that is keyword rich and makes sense. There are many places you can get free content that is SEO savvy, however, they are often jumbled words together that do not make sense as an article.

There are businesses on the Internet that you can get quality, SEO-savvy, original content articles for a very good price. In these cases, you hire a website to get their authors to produce original content specifically for your needs. There is clearly no better way than having 100% unique content for your website that is keyword optimized so you can make money with your Google Adsense website.

Many businesses out there offer these services and a plethora of authors who are willing to create this unique content for you. Once you commission work, authors write exactly what you are asking for as a ghostwriter—which means their names are not on the article you have purchased. Essentially, you are the writer of the article and maintain all copyright rights to your purchased content.

Where Are You Going To Get Quality Content?

Where are these websites and how can you tell that you are going to get quality work from them? The answer is, go for the bigger sites that have proven themselves as having good authors that produce quality content. Some of the biggest sites are - Elance (http://www.elance.com) - ezines articles (http://www.ezinearticles.com) - goarticles (http://www.goarticles.com) - article authors.net (http://www.articleauthors.net) - constant-content (http://www.constant-content.com)

These businesses have hundreds of writers who are willing to write SEO keyword optimized, original content articles for your website at a minimal cost—especially when compared to the influx of cash you will make from your Google Adsense website from having quality content on your website.

Google Adsense picks up on keywords on your website—and the better the keywords, the more traffic you will generate to, and out of, your website. The key to Google Adsense is having good quality content with popular keywords to drive good ads to your website that visitors will want to click on. The better quality your articles, the better quality your ads, which equals more volume of click throughs on the Google Adsense ads posted on your website.

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Buying Adsense Websites on ebay
Tuesday, March 13, 2007
You can get a good deal from purchasing an adsense website on ebay but...

* You should use some caution *

I have seeen the same exact design sold on ebay everyday of the week. You may get 30 or so of these sites (different topics) for about $99. The 30 sites total 6,000 pages.

Similar sites are also sold daily (in multiple quantities) on ebay like "Huge Adsense Empire - 100+ sites 16,500 Pages" Imagine 150 of these sold and posted w/out change. 2,475,000 duplicate pages on the web.

Just look at the site for sell then check the sellers feedback from "buyers" - most are private listings. You will see that they may sell 1 to 3 per day!

Many new buyers purchase these and are unfamiliar with editing or adding content to a php site and get frustrated.

Now, there are some excellent sellers - sites and good deals to be found on ebay but you need to take a good look at the site and the number sold.

Also be sure the articles include the author's resource box with a live link. Many sites chop off the end of some of the articles or do not display the authors "clickable" link (a no no).

Check the "page title" at the top of your browser. A page titled "New Page" or "Untitled" is not a good sign.

Look at the source code by right clicking your mouse and choosing view source to see if there are any meta tags or keywords in the page header.

Don't confuse most of the "ebay mill" sites with sites you may see for sell that have limited numbers like 25 - are made with private or original articles & have support forums or excellent instructions.

These are Great for new users who need help and they provide a way to learn about the site.

The ebay mill sites typically are not in the same league.

Some of the better sites that are sold on ebay are in limited numbers and include an admin panel where you can easily add your own links - and your own content before and after each article page - giving you some uniqueness. Look for these even if they cost a little bit more

Not all ebay sites are an unwise purchase - I was a power seller a few years ago & sold websites - you can find a good deal and a good site.

Just do your research. With adsense the number two search term on ebay pulse under websites for sale, sellers have really jumped on the popularity of these sites.

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Sun, Sea and Sand
Tuesday, March 13, 2007



Much of Bulgaria’s appeal as a tourist destination rests upon the coastal region, with it beautiful white-sand beaches, unspoiled nature and large stretches of protected coastline. The Black Sea coast combines perfect sandy beaches with clear, warm water, mountain slopes sweeping steeply into the sea and thick forests offering cool shade during the hot summers. Facing east, it extends for over 378km, dotted with fishing villages and resorts on extensive beaches covered with fine golden sands, the majority of which have been awarded the EU Blue Flag for their environmental cleanliness.

Temperatures in summer fluctuate between 23ºC and 30ºC, with water temperatures of between 17ºC and 25ºC. There are more than 240 hours of sunshine in May and September, and more than 300 in July and August. Given this combination of factors, it isn’t hard to explain why this region is becoming the preferred spot for more and more tourists, yet few know that the Black sea coast is also one of the best spa areas in Europe, where the sea, mineral baths, hot springs and curative mud add to the possibilities of your holiday enjoyment. Visitors have a large selection of activities to choose from, including yachting, diving, windsurfing, water skiing, snorkelling, underwater fishing and many other sports and aquatic pursuits.

To the south, the coast becomes flatter and wilder, with the thick forests of the Strandza Mountains contrasting breathtakingly with numerous cosy beaches extending between the jutting rocks of the mountain. Settlements here are characteristically small and picturesque.

To the north, the coast is steeper, though more developed in terms o tourism facilities, while the views down to the sea are unforgettable. The region also contains the main tourist destinations for foreign visitors, such as Golden Sands and Sunny Beach, the letter being the largest resort with the longest and widest strip of beach. Its hotels look out over the sea among dunes and it is known as the sunniest resort in Bulgaria.

The Bulgarian Black Sea coast has been inhabited since time immemorial, with earliest records dating back to the 5th century BC. Situated in the southern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea Riviera and stretching along a beautiful semicircular bay facing eastwards, this region is protected from northern climes by the descending ridges of the Balkan Range, thus blending sea and mountain in perfect harmony. Further south is a small peninsula on which the ancient town of Nessebar is located, an architectural and historical monument of Bulgarian culture.

Today, the narrow peninsula of Nessebar is one of Bulgaria’ most delightful tourist sports, as the tiny town attracts nearly a million visitors a year to its narrow cobblestone streets, which wind among quaint 19th century wooden houses, their tiny courtyards filled with fig trees and vine trellises.

The popularity of the Bulgarian coast and sea resorts has grown rapidly in recent years, following the fall of communism and the opening of borders to foreign tourists. The tourism industry has since developed into one of the main drivers of the national economy, with year-on-year double-digit growth rates in the number of tourists visiting. Bulgaria offers a budget alternative to more expensive European resorts, while quality of service does not fall behind Western European standards in the high-class resorts. With natural beauty and a fascinating culture, coupled with surprising quality and value for money, Bulgaria has much to offer.

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